My story and a degree in physiotherapy

In 2000 I suffered a serious back injury requiring surgery. I was a yoga teacher in a demanding method of yoga with a strong daily practice and suddenly I couldn’t walk without help and had experienced weeks of awful and un-mitigating pain. Post surgery I was recommended to conventional physiotherapy which I found to be ineffective. I needed more than exercises, massage and ultrasound. Fortunately I came across the physiotherapist who has become my practitioner and my mentor over the last 19 years. He had studied hands -on methods in the USA founded by various osteopaths and used them with great success. I believe that his treatment and returning to my yoga practice allowed me to recover completely and lead a normal, pain free life. I was inspired by him to undertake a degree in physiotherapy and then to follow a similar path in treatment methods.

About Tara Holistic Physiotherapy Melbourne vanessa

Profound learning of anatomy, physiology and pathology

These methods teach the practitioner to trust what they feel with their hands. They combine the profound learning of anatomy, physiology and pathology and the age old skill of listening to the body with the hands which has been lost in current, conventional musculoskeletal training. These methods recognize the body as a complex organism which has an innate ability to heal. Sometimes it needs a gentle nudge to do so. They also understand that the body is a holistic mechanism and at times, although pain maybe in a particular location, the cause maybe elsewhere.

Some of the clients Vanessa has helped with her treatment methods

D had a serious car accident and went from being an elite athlete to being in constant pain and not being able to exercise. She had seen many conventional physiotherapists and was still in pain. She attended Tara Holistic Physiotherapy and has returned to her sporting activities.

B loves to play tennis in his spare time. He started to have severe rib pain after matches. Work on the ribs and upper back released the pain and advice to built up the upper back helped to prevent reoccurrence.

E was only 17 and had constant neck and upper back pain from studying. This contributed to headaches. Through the visceral techniques I discovered that she was gluten intolerant and when she removed gluten her headaches improved.

J was in a serious car accident. This was exacerbated by a brush with MS symptoms and scoliosis. Holistic physiotherapy keeps him functional and pain free.

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Vanessa works at Pod Clinic Rooms in West Footscray on Wednesdays  and at her home clinic in West Footscray on Fridays and Saturdays. You can book an appointment with her by clicking on the link below or  by calling 0423912452. Please expect 60 minutes for your first appointment and come suitably dressed. Please check the FAQs for more information about your appointment or email me.

physiotherapy melbourne holistic vanessa
physiotherapy melbourne holistic vanessa